Your guide to choosing a rig

When it comes to choosing the right spray rig, there’s no such thing as shortcuts. Your rig should work as hard as you do and last for years to come.

Tips for buying your next rig

Choosing a rig is an investment in the future of your business and a decision not to be taken lightly.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for a rig:

  • Reliable: Choose a rig you can depend on – one that prevents seam or joint leakage using vented lids or ball-check venting.
  • Robust: Rigs should be built with coatings that can go the distance and protect against chemical and excessive sun exposure.
  • Separation: Most large commercial landscapers carry multiple solutions for lawncare. Having a strong integrity wall prevents contamination between tank compartments.
  • Storage: For efficient transport, operators need the ability to carry a variety of solutions on a single route to address the unique needs of a diverse set of customers.
  • Multipurpose, versatility and efficiency
    • Design: With tanks built to conform to the efficient space requirements of your rig, you’ll have room for it and all the other gear your business requires.
    • Promotional space: This may seem like a “nice to have,” but trust us. Once you have a tank that can do double duty and help promote your business, you’ll never choose another model again.

It’s important to have the right tools for the job. Ideally, you’ll want to buy from a trusted supplier that offers a wide selection. From large, heavy duty commercial jobs that require a larger-than-life rig — to smaller rigs suitable for lighter, residential jobs, you’ll save time and money using a one-stop shop for almost every spray equipment need.

Fortunately, there is Tuflex. With decades of experience, Tuflex gives you more.

We take pride in delivering innovative, high performance spray rigs in your area that are built to last and keep your spray treatments safe from leaks. In fact, we have reinvented spray equipment by using our know-how to create the industry’s only seamless fiberglass rigs ready to house your spray units. That means when you buy Tuflex, you’re getting a rig that will stand the test of time.

Every Tuflex rig is backed by a one-year warranty. You can buy our rigs and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’ll take care of any issues for the first year. So, when it comes to investing in your next rig, it’s best to look no further than Tuflex.

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