Customer Testimonial Spotlight: Hillside Lawn Service

Tuflex customer Matt Cline is the COO of Hillside Lawn Service in Churchville, Maryland. In his previous position in commercial landscaping, Matt dealt with Hillside as a turf contractor. As the owner, Stuart Cohen, who founded the company almost 40 years ago, was beginning to transition out of actively running the business, he offered Matt his current position.

When did you purchase your first Tuflex tank?

Sometime in the mid-‘90s. We’ve done business with Tuflex for over 20 years.

Tom [Sayward, son of Tuflex founder Mike Sayward and father of current head of sales and administration Erika Michajlyszyn] and Stuart had worked together building tanks for TruGreen. When Stuart started Hillside, that relationship continued.

What made you decide to buy from Tuflex?

Hillside has two lines of business, commercial and residential. Our commercial services are all spray, so we need bigger tanks and trucks – the kind some consider old school. Tuflex has been able to change with us over time and continue to build the tanks we needed.

Another reason we chose Tuflex is because we were able to work with their sister company Graham to custom-build. For our residential rigs, we spray but also need to carry dry fertilizer. Graham came up with an enclosed design so none of our equipment or supplies are visible from the outside. It’s a very clean look. Before we started working with Tuflex, we had a local distributor put 450-gallon tanks in the beds of pickup trucks. But that way you could see all the tanks and parts — it was not the clean look we were going for. So we are grateful that these two companies work side by side.

How many rigs do you own today that carry Tuflex tanks?

Out of a fleet of 25, we’ve got 10 rigs with 1,200-gallon Tuflex tanks for commercial lawn care and four newer-style rigs built by Graham carrying 600-gallon tanks for residential service. The others are the old style we put together with the local distributor.

Have you done business with other equipment providers over the years?

No, we keep coming back to Tuflex because of the customization and vision. There are so many tank options and configurations available. They are very open in conversations about what they can do, and that 100% fits our ever-changing business needs. And the quality of their products is second to none.

We also really like their partnership with Graham — a one-stop shop for the tank and the customized rig. No other vendor can do that complete package for us.

Can you say a little more about what it’s like to work with Tuflex?

We visited their shop in late January to see what the combined operation looks like. We continue to grow, and we wanted to make sure Tuflex and Graham were still the best fit for our business. They definitely are.

After meeting their team, I feel like we are part of the Graham/Tuflex family. We have a unique relationship with both companies — I could call anyone in the office and have a great conversation. It’s a better customer relationship than you would normally expect. It’s not transactional at all.

If you have questions about Tuflex products or our partnership with Graham Spray Equipment, give us a call at 954-785-6402 or visit

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