A Tradition of Innovation

At Tuflex our mission is continuing to revolutionize the fiberglass manufacturing industry while providing exceptional service and quality to our new and longstanding customers.

Our History

Since its inception in 1968, Tuflex has been family-owned and operated. From our humble beginnings in a one-car garage, we have expanded into a state-of-the art manufacturing facility. Tuflex pioneered the design and fabrication of seamless fiberglass tanks, as well as many other “it can’t be done” fiberglass products, building technological skills and manufacturing flexibility along the way. A multitude of competitors have attempted to copy our designs but have never been able to duplicate our quality.

Tuflex Today

Our employees have more than 25 years of experience, bringing unrivaled engineering and manufacturing expertise to every Tuflex product. From the seamless fiberglass tanks that made our name and our vast selection of small parts for industry to our custom lawn care, pest control, and pressure-cleaning equipment, the Tuflex name guarantees years of reliable performance.

Today you can find Tuflex products in virtually any industry, in every part of the world. Our commitment to quality and service assures customer satisfaction. After all, we stake our reputation on it!

Tuflex is proud to manufacture and assemble all of its products entirely in the United States.