Market Your Business with Our Seamless Tank Design

We created and patented the seamless fiberglass tank design that sets us apart from all of our competitors. Of the many reasons why seamless tanks are superior, one is frequently overlooked: their value as marketing tools.

The problem with industrial design is the better it is, the less you should notice it. Consider the iPhone. It can be held in almost any hand almost indefinitely without discomfort, but it didn’t just materialize that way out of thin air. The importance of its rounded corners might never occur to you unless you used a rectangular phone and encountered its pointy 90-degree corners a few times.

Similarly, you might not think very much about the smooth, sleek look of a Tuflex seamless tank until you see another tank bisected by a big seam. The uninterrupted space provided by our seamless tank allows your company’s logo to shine.

Tuflex’s manufacturing process allows us to take advantage of the strength and flexibility of fiberglass-reinforced plastic while doing away with that material’s traditional weakness: the need to create tank compartments separately and then assemble them. Every Tuflex tank is painstakingly crafted by hand, so we can create tanks with two or even three compartments with absolutely no risk of leakage or contamination. With a compartmented tank, your rig can service multiple types of yards on the same route, saving you time and money. Plus fiberglass is much more resistant to chemical corrosion than the other material commonly used for chemical storage tanks, polyethylene. You can expect a poly tank to last about 10 to 15 years. Our customers tell us about Tuflex tanks that have been in service for 20 years; some are still in the field after 30.

The last step of our manufacturing process is the application of a high-gloss white gel coating that reflects sunlight and minimizes heat transfer to the tank’s contents. It also provides a completely smooth surface to showcase your company’s logo and contact information.

So don’t pass up the opportunity to advertise your business to every neighbor of your customers and every driver you pass on the road. With a glossy white Tuflex tank to show off, you’re sure to make an impression.
If you have questions about Tuflex tanks or any of our other products, call us at 954.785.6402 or visit our contact page on this site.

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