Tuflex Fiberglass Tanks: Durable Under Stress

Tuflex tanks are some of the strongest out there. Bulkheading (compartmenting) has been a specialty of our company for over a century, and often our fiberglass tanks outlast the rigs they start with. In accidents, the tanks can outlive a totaled rig. Even more serious, insurance adjusters have mentioned the tanks saving the drivers in accidents with them.

One customer had a major accident where the entire bed and unit came off the truck under impact, yet the 800-gallon fiberglass tank was taken and installed on another truck. Further, when a pick-up truck unit was caught in a collision from behind, the tank took the impact. While it was crushed in the process, it protected the cab and the driver inside from injury.

When another truck ran off the road and rolled with the tank attached, the truck was totaled and the tank was undamaged. Sometimes, indestructible tanks come with a challenge. When one customer tried to break down a tank with a small crack off of a totaled rig, it was a challenge: “We tried to break it down with a sledgehammer, but ended up having to use a saw to cut the fiberglass. The sledgehammer didn’t do anything.”

The fiberglass tank’s strength combined with the lack of seams means that they break only under great stress, often cushioning other areas when impacted. The strength comes from the unique blend of composite-gel coating and the specific kind of resin. Our unparalleled recipe for blending fiberglass, resin, and its catalyst create the strongest tank without a need for seams in the first place.

Many have tried to imitate Tuflex’s designs, only to fall short. Our unique, seamless fiberglass tanks stand up to any scenario you might put them in. At the end of the day, you can trust Tuflex tanks to perform flawlessly in any industry, even in extreme situations no company could foresee.

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