The Tuflex product that started it all – and still the best.

Bulkheading (compartmenting) has been a Tuflex specialty for over half a century. Our painstaking process assures bulkhead wall integrity, thus avoiding contamination between tank compartments.

Tuflex’s unique heavy-duty baffling system reduces liquid surge within the tank caused by vehicular

Today’s LCO/PCO requires multipurpose equipment. This is what a Tuflex bulkheaded tank can provide.

  • Carrying more than one mixture on board allows an operator to customize applications to the needs of different customers on a single route.
  • Our painstaking installation process has eliminated the possibility of intra-tank contamination.
  • Mechanical agitation is available with any bulkheaded Tuflex tank. We use a unique laser level to properly align shafts through bulkheads and tank ends. This degree of accuracy during installation means less bearing wear and lower maintenance costs over the life of the agitation system.

Standard Features:

  • Exclusive seamless reinforced fiberglass tank construction prevents seam or joint leakage (Our tanks are not pasted, butt-jointed, or bolted together.)
  • High-gloss white gel coat exterior finish protects against chemical and ultraviolet degradation for many years of maintenance-free service.
  • Premium vinyl ester inner liner for increased chemical resistance.
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty*.
  • Vented lids or ball check venting virtually eliminates tank leakage.