Tank Installation & Maintenance


Tank mounting frame must fully support the periphery of the integral tank mounting base and be designed in such a manner as to eliminate lateral and longitudinal motion. Belting or friction padding must be used beside and under the tank to eliminate chaffing cause by metal to fiberglass contact.

Stops or tabs should be installed on the frame to eliminate forward and backward motion. Tank tie down should be adjusted an properly anchored to the frame or other substantial attachment point. Final adjustments should be made when tank is full of water. If fitting leaks occur, re-tighten nuts and re-check. In extreme cases, remove and re-install with polyurethane sealant.


If agitator shaft was shipped and not installed, thoroughly read "mechanical agitation maintenance" section for adjustment details.

Recommended shaft speed 150 to 200 RPM.

Sheaves using split taper compression type bushings are preferred. Cutting keyway in shaft is not required.

For minimum nylon bushing wear, support the agitator with a billow block bearing. Otherwise, use caution in not over tensioning the drive belt. After first eight hours of use, check agitation for excessive play.


Daily wash tank interior and exterior with clean water removing all chemicals. When exterior surface becomes dull, apply automotive paste wax, fasglas, or request Tuflex Tank Repair Maintenance Guide.

Always fill tank water before adding chemicals, never chemicals first. CAUTION - highly corrosive chemicals can damage fiberglass tanks. When not sure of compatibility of some chemicals with fiberglass, first contact your chemical supplier. If he cannot advise you, contact Tuflex Mfg. Co., 1-800-327-9005. We will need names of specific chemical ingredients with percent of concentration. Check tank interior for signs of chemical deterioration in the form of loose fibers protruding.

Contact supplier or manufacturer immediately if this condition exists.


Check paddles for any movement on shaft. Paddles should be offset at 90 degree intervals or excessive vibration may be encountered.

Check packing gland for leakage. Use caution not to over tighten. Replace Teflon packing if required.

Remove belt from agitator shaft to check forward and backward motion. If play exceeds ¼", re-adjust shaft collar on inside of tank.

CAUTION - do not allow shaft end to seat or bottom out on end bearing. Adjust shaft collar to allow 1/8" minimum clearance.

While belt is removed, check up and down motion of agitator shaft. Should excessive play and leakage occur, replace stuffing box or end bearing before receiving shaft damage.

Grease stuffing box and end bearing with lubriplate or equivalent water proof grease.

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