Tuflex maintains a wide variety of piston, diaphragm, centrifugal and roller pumps and accessories, each addressing different types of spraying requirements.

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Piston pumps provide high pressure for spraying, washing and cleaning purposes. Being self-priming positive displacement pumps, their output is proportional to their RPM and they are virtually independent of pressure. Typically piston pumps are very dependable and are capable of continuous operation under load. Compared to other types of pumps, piston pumps deliver higher pressure and lower volumes and most are suited for spraying of liquid, water-soluble and insoluble chemical concentrates. Piston pumps require pulsation dampening equipment as well as a pressure relief valve. Diaphragm pumps offer the most diversified service of our pump types. Long popular in Europe, diaphragm pumps are an excellent choice for virtually all the PCO and LCO needs. These pumps handle liquids, powders (soluble and insoluble), as well as slurries. Like piston pumps, diaphragm pumps are self-priming positive displacement, but are less costly and require less HP to deliver the same flow and pressure ratings of other pumps. Although pulsation dampers are included with all diaphragm pumps, some require pressure relief equipment.
The centrifugal pump design is not positive displacement. It utilizes centrifugal force to move liquid and while not normally self-priming, they are available with integral priming chambers that add self-priming capabilities. Centrifugals are ideal for re-circulating or transfer of low viscosity liquids in low head, low to high volume applications. High head is possible with multistage versions. The roller pumps are the most economical of our line of pumps. Ideally suited for application of liquid concentrates, these low-priced pumps deliver high output for their size and when used properly have a long service life. Powdered or abrasive concentrates should not be used in conjunction with these pumps as premature pump failure may occur.

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